Naft Sazeh Qeshm Co. NSQ , established in , is a private joint stock company specialized in performing offshore and onshore EPC projects in oil, gas, petrochemical and marine industries. Tasdid, established in by Sadid Industrial Group in partnership with IOEC and located in Khorramshahr port, is involved in construction of offshore platforms mainly jackets and ancillaries. On the offshore drilling sector, there are several local EPD contractors as well as drilling services providers working offshore, main companies listed below: NIDC also owns one Slant rig which has done several slant drillings during past years. PGFK ; currently responsible for drilling operations of the South Pars development phases 38 wells and 13 38 wells. The company has also ordered 4 new jackup rigs to China fabrication yards some years ago which are being ready for delivery soon. Dana Group as an energy based entity is active in upstream and downstream sectors of oil industry, including offshore drilling activities.

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The Caroline returned with 18 ling cod and limits of rockfish for 13 anglers while fishing local waters. They have some limited room in the upcoming week. While there were a few kings caught here and there last week, salmon fishing remained somewhat slow according to Todd Fraser from Bayside Marine.

Hook Up Hook-up and Commissioning activities are part of “Brownfield” and “Greenfield” Construction to be executed either in Onshore or at Offshore. The term “Brownfield” construction refers to revamping works on existing facilities to enhance production which involve repairs, upgrades, replacement and modification works on existing offshore.

Our diverse onshore and offshore project experience includes structures and facilities, refineries, plants, supplier source surveillance, and import and export inspections. We offer expertise in site construction, pipeline construction, installation and testing, subsea systems and marine terminals, tubular inspection, painting and coating inspection, and fiber optic cable construction.

Solid construction management and inspections services are vital to a properly executed project. Our team can handle projects ranging from a few days to more than , man-hours offshore. We ensure that the completed project meets all essential quality standards and customer requirements. EDG inspectors bring to each project a wealth of knowledge from diverse backgrounds in every discipline.

Construction Management EDG can develop project-specific simultaneous operations plans, platform shut-in or plant turnaround schedules, logistics plans and resource loading project execution schedules to ensure more realistic timelines.

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We use cookies to provide the best possible experience for you. By closing this message you agree to our use of cookies. You can learn more about cookies on our privacy and settings page. Statoil awards hook-up contract for Johan Sverdrup January 31, Aibel and Aker Solutions have, on behalf of the licence partners, been awarded contracts for hook-up and commissioning assistance for the Johan Sverdrup field centre, phase 1.

The contracts have a total value of slightly less than NOK 1.

Offshore Hook-up Crews Fluid Crane & Construction has maintained a high level of customer satisfaction in the area of offshore hook-up and construction crews. Offshore supervisors with over years combined experience direct crews who complete offshore .

Amoco minimal platform classification system. Hence, such fields often remain undeveloped until alternate development schemes, technology, and innovative thinking rise to the occasion. Amoco has a long history of using small, or minimal, platforms to achieve economic development in the Gulf of Mexico. An early example of minimal platforms was the Tampa concept developed in the s by Amoco Production Company Hancock and Peevey, Tampa, signifying tender assisted minimal platform arrangement, consisted of at least two bridge linked, four leg, space frame steel platforms.

During drilling operations, one platform supported drilling operations, casing, and drill pipe storage while the other platform provided quarters, dry storage, and mud tanks. After drilling, the quarters platforms were used primarily for production. The Tampa platforms were developed as a lower cost alternative to the eight-leg template platforms which were prevalent in the Gulf of Mexico and North Sea in the s and s.

Amoco installed approximately 30 Tampa platforms during the s and s. Significant costs savings were realized through standardization of design and fabrication. More recently, Amoco focused on minimal in the truest sense: Since the ‘s, Amoco’s Gulf of Mexico Offshore Business Unit has installed several free standing caissons, nine guyed caissons, seven braced caissons, as well as 10 four pile well protector platforms. Technology transfer This Gulf of Mexico experience led Amoco to consider the development of marginal fields in other areas of the world using minimal structures.

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Over the last three decades, NPCC management’s commitment to develop full EPC capabilities, has led it’s engineering team, comprising a core of over highly qualified professionals. Capable of producing , man-hours per year utilizing state of the art software, NPCC’s engineering unit can provide detailed multi-disciplinary engineering services. This experience enables NPCC’s engineering team to provide a knowledge and understanding of overall project execution that substantially benefits our clients during a project’s engineering phase.

NPCC’s experience in topsides installation by the float-over technique is second to none in the region, with several production and compression decks of up to 8, Tons engineered and successfully installed by float-over techniques in the last few years. NPCCs engineering team utilizes the best available resources thereby facilitating the efficient execution of engineering and the achievement of cost effective solutions for our clients.

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Many years of experiences working in Oil and Gas. What does Hook-Up and Commissioning do? The Hook-Up and Commissioning HUC will be taken place between construction and start-up, kind of work could be classified to be hook-up and commissioning. They are tie-in to existing facilities. The hook-up and commissioning would be applied to green field and brown field projects. There are 4 area of concerns to consideration when handle to HUC.

Technical issued Manpower issued Cost bidding and execution issued The technical issued usually considered in first priority otherwise we could not determine man-hour so clearly scope and sequence of work and identified the major and minor tasks must be done and established the method statements of individual work, using the jobcard technique to determine trade kind of man and man-hour.

Eventually they would used to produce daily progress report, weekly report, monthly report and billing. The HUC bidding would be estimated on preliminary above activities and detail as below. Onshore Administrator by referring to organization chart. Site survey generally sets up minimum 2 times for before and after preparation. Offshore personal would be estimated from manpower plan complied with crew changed schedule.


Control valves, safety valves, and piping outlets are configured the same and use the same or similar components. Some of the valves probably will have pneumatic or hydraulic actuators to facilitate remote and rapid closure in an emergency. Also, some Christmas trees may have composite block valves instead of individual valves flanged together. The major difference, however, between land and platform well completions is the economics incentive on platforms to reduce equipment weight wherever possible and to minimize space requirements.

Offshore hook up construction services mumbai End-To-End offshore hook-up and hook-up agreement the process used to certify aircraft offshore platforms of our client is. Mccs will be comfortable going on both new and. Fugro has maintained a critical works of offshore rigs and commissioning huc phase.

Click here to enlarge image Slightly more than 50 years ago, the first offshore steel piled platform was fabricated in Morgan City, Louisiana and erected within sight of shore, in less than 50 ft water depth. This basic structure contained minimal production equipment and, in lieu of quarters and storage capacity, had a tender tethered to it.

Seven years later, the first jackup drilling rig was christened for work in shallow water offshore Louisiana. Since that time, a total of more than 5, platforms have been installed in the US Gulf of Mexico. Today, more than 3, fixed structures are still in place in water depths up to 1, ft; floating structures have reached 4, ft water depths. Not-too-distant schemes are being contemplated for water depths exceeding 10, ft. Offshore exploration and production activity, prevalent in every quadrant of the globe, is producing new challenges daily, testing the industry’s design and construction ingenuity.

Throughout this half-century of technological progress, the fabrication industry along the U.

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The boat sat in their boat house for a couple years with out any use before I purchased the boat. When I purchased the boat, I had a certified Mercruiser mechanic go through the mechanics, the motor, and the lower unit — and he update: The boat also comes with a tandem axle trailer. When I purchased the boat, I had the trailer sand blasted, treated w – blackstar, then repainted using marine grade paint.

Installed new runners, new stainless steel on steps and fenders, and a new manual winch as well. I also upgraded the trailer with new breaks, new lines, new custom wheels and new 4K lbs.

Offshore construction is the installation of structures and facilities in a marine environment, usually for the production and transmission of electricity, oil, gas and other resources. It .

Sleeving braided fiberglass, heat treated, flame retardant, grade C-3 to Ideal for heating element leads in toasters, irons, coffee makers and other appliances. HTS acrylic resin saturated fiberglass, fray resistant, flame retardant, grade C-3 to Other applications include radio, television and other electronic circuits. Expandable Sleeving polyester braided, general purpose, flexible, lightweight to PETFR polyester braided, flame retardant, flexible, lightweight to NYLON nylon braided, tough, excellent chemical resistance to HALAR halar braided, flame retardant, tough, abrasion resistant to Slit Corrugated Conduit slit or unslit, good abrasion, fluid and chemical resistance to PE-FR slit or unslit, good abrasion, fluid and chemical resistance, self-extinguishing to Nylon slit or unslit, excellent abrasion, fluid and chemical resistance, high temperature to

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National Barrel or Drum Mfg. National Metal Stamped Goods Mfg. Texas Agricultural or Construction Machinery Mfg. National Automobile Washing Equipment Mfg.

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Do You Have a Bad Contract? We have seen quite a few offshore fabrication contractors with bad contracts. They are in a very competitive market, and tend to accept unfair terms and conditions in fear of not getting the contract. At the risk of disaster or even bankruptcy. This is not good for those fabricators, and it is definitely not in the best interest of the offshore industry either.

You can contribute to a better offshore world by sharing your bad experience with us, so we all can learn from it. Do You Have a Good Contract? Do you have the sense to seek fair and sound contract terms and conditions? And do you sometimes feel frustration when you see your competition accept lousy terms and conditions? You can not force your competitors to tender on the basis of the same sound contracting principles like you do, but you can at least offer them a chance to consider your views by showing them here.

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