The Incarcerated Women Who Fight California’s Wildfires

YMMV A female character who hates women and views them as inferior, either to men or to herself. Typically comes in a few variations: A Lad-ette who is One of the Guys and considers other girls to be inferior- not like her. They will call people “girl” and “sissy” as insults. People will remind them that they’re girls themselves, but they will deny it – or consider themselves a “honorary dude” or claim they’re “not like the other girls” i. Another variation is a woman who is very traditionally feminine and believes that women should Stay in the Kitchen. Often appearing as an extremely conservative housewife , thinks that women are inferior to men and that she’s “one of the good ones” who know their proper place. A third variation is a Straw Feminist who hates all men and believes All Men Are Perverts , and who therefore sees femininity itself as catering to what men want.

Prisoners making $1.95 a day want a raise. Taxpayers want a break

Pre , the “New Drop” was erected outside the main gate of the prison in County Road on the day before an execution. The structure comprised a platform supported by heavy beams, containing the trapdoors, and surrounded by a railing. In the centre there was a simple gallows consisting of two uprights and a cross beam with an iron hook for attachment of the noose. The drop was reached by a short flight of steps and the lower portion beneath the platform was draped with black cloth to prevent the crowd seeing the legs and lower body of the usually struggling prisoner.

This gallows continued in use for private executions for a few more years until being replaced with the Home Office standard pattern in the mid ‘s. Some of the cases that led to the gallows.

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Few details were released about the alleged crimes, but 10 defendants are facing charges that carry a death penalty. As examples of the gang’s brutality, the indictment says one leader ordered a subordinate to kill a gang prospect and return his severed finger, and another was told to burn a tattoo from a member’s arm for not following an order. All are charged with racketeering conspiracy. Some were charged with involvement in at least 3 murders, multiple attempted murders, kidnappings, assaults and conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine and cocaine.

A message left for the U. Attorney’s Office seeking more details about the alleged crimes and those arrested wasn’t immediately returned Friday. The military-style gang was founded in Texas prisons in the s to offer protection to white inmates if they joined. Modeled after a similar gang that surfaces in California prisons in the s, members often use hand signs symbolizing their participation and have Nazi-themed tattoos. Investigators say the gang works as 5 regions, and that 4 of those charged were “generals” who controlled activities in a region while supervising the gang’s overall activities, including issuing orders to kill in a steering committee known as the “Wheel.

Blake and Roberts were arrested Friday, while Bryan and Maynard were already in prison. Home phone numbers weren’t listed for Blake or Roberts, and court documents didn’t yet show any of the men had retained attorneys. According to the indictment, Bryan is facing charges in the fatal shooting of an ABT prospect member who allegedly stole drugs he was ordered to deliver to a customer on behalf of the ABT in Pleasanton, south of San Antonio.

Traitors! Female Execution in the Reich

Share this article Share She gave the example of Haroun al-Rashid, an 8th century Muslim leader who ruled over an area covered by modern-day Iran, Iraq and Syria and was rumoured to have 2, concubines. Mutairi recommended that offices could be opened to run the sex trade in the same way that recruitment agencies provide housemaids. Mutairi cited Haroun al-Rashid as a man who also had concubines She suggested shopping for prisoners of war so as to protect Kuwaiti men from being tempted to commit adultery or being seduced by other women’s beauty.

Better than to have our men engage in forbidden sexual relations.

Someone here has the helo story mixed up There were five Teammates from SEAL Team ONE. that were lost on that helo crash in Vietnam in It was on the way to Saigon from Seafloat.

Elizabeth Brownrigg was an eighteenth century murderer. Her victim, Mary Clifford, was one of her domestic servants, who died from cumulative injuries and associated infected wounds. As a result of witness testimony and medical evidence at her trial, Brownrigg was hung at Tyburn in September She gave birth to sixteen children, but only three survived infancy.

James was prospering from his career as a plumber, and Elizabeth was a respected midwife. As a result of her work, Saint Dunstans Parish appointed her overseer of women and children, and she was given custody of several female children as domestic servants from the London Foundling Hospital. Vocational and Educational Debate Since Thomas Coram had founded it in , there had been constant debate about what the station of the Foundling Hospital’s young charges should be.

There was debate over whether they were being overeducated, or whether they should be subject to vocational education and trained for apprenticeships, which would lead to future stable lives as domestic servants. The latter was decided upon, and the Foundling Hospital began to tender older children and young adolescents for vocational training as apprentices in , shortly before the events described in this entry took place.

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Seven beautiful German housewives are convicted of conspiring to assasinate the Fuerher. All are found guilty and sentenced to This story is historical fiction and all names are fictitious. Any similarity to the name of any person, living or dead, other than Eva Braun is purely coincidence.

Traitors! Female Execution in the Reich by Jill Crokett. Note from the author: This story is historical fiction and all names are fictitious. Any similarity to the name of any person, living or dead, (other than Eva Braun) is purely coincidence.

Share this article Share And yet after the war ended, what took place passed so quickly into history that it was virtually forgotten. Seventy-five years on, the horrific crimes enacted there are largely unknown. In all, , passed through its gates, of whom 50, were slaughtered, though so few SS documents on the camp survive no one will ever know precise numbers.

But what really drew a veil over what went on in the camp is that those who survived its horrors found them literally unspeakable. One told me how it was impossible to explain what it had been like: Prisoners at the camp were shot, posioned, hung and gassed.

Moral Myopia

National Inmate Survey, —12 by Allen J. Beck and others Bureau of Justice Statistics, pp. Beck and others Bureau of Justice Statistics, 64 pp. When we at Just Detention International—an organization aimed at preventing the sexual abuse of inmates—recounted stories of people we knew who had been raped in prison, we were told either that these men and women were exceptional cases, or simply that they were liars.

But all this has changed.

Elizabeth Brownrigg was an eighteenth century murderer. Her victim, Mary Clifford, was one of her domestic servants, who died from cumulative injuries and associated infected wounds. Brownrigg was executed by hanging at Tyburn on September 14,

I am happy to acquaint you, Mr. Darling, you are again a father. Mummy, it’s hateful of him. Now, John, have me. We don’t want any more. Am I not to be born at all?

Evil Queen

Edit Born on the water – world of Chad , the Force-sensitive female Human Callista Masana lived on an ark in a deep-water ranch with her father , stepmother , and an uncle named Claine ; she also had an uncle named Dro. The ranch followed the planet’s Algic current , ranging from the equator to the arctic circle. Masana’s family was not wealthy, but they had a happy life, living mostly on the deep oceans as herders and farmers.

Masana also rode cy’een , fish native to the world. The first time Masana used the Force was to move some ice that had trapped her with several sea cows.

offers photo ads of female inmates throughout the United States and provides a place for people to come to find female inmate pen pals. (Originally Gabby’s Lounge BBS, most recently ).

Gabby “retired” in January of and directed all new ads to a different site, but that site has vanished for whatever reason. Any ads submitted to that site are no longer available, nor are they here. Ads prior to are here and they are updated occasionally with address changes or other updates, and now and then released inmates’ ads are removed. Not many new ads have been posted since Please consider befriending any of those whose ads are still here!

They may be older ads but they’re still seeking pen pals. Please look them up on their prisons’ web sites for current address information. Women in prison are looking for someone on the outside with whom to write through the US Mail to help make their time while incarcerated go by quicker.

Twisted Romance: Prisoner hooked up with female guards