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Higher and more consistent capacity readings; less sulfation. Limitations Slow charge time; capacity readings may be inconsistent and declining with each cycle. Sulfation may occur without equalizing charge. Subject to corrosion and gassing. Not suitable for charging at high room temperatures, causing severe overcharge. Effects of charge voltage on a small lead acid battery. Cylindrical lead acid cells have higher voltage settings than VRLA and starter batteries. Once fully charged through saturation, the battery should not dwell at the topping voltage for more than 48 hours and must be reduced to the float voltage level. This is especially critical for sealed systems because they are less tolerant to overcharge than the flooded type.

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I am looking for any manuals for an 89 Emc Eldorado, Ford Chassis. Shane Beaver Marquis Ambassador Hi! I’m desperately seeking an owners manual, and hopefully an wiring diagram.

Oct 31,  · Re: Electric Hook Up Lead (EHU) by roli on Mon Oct 31, am I unplug from the post and then the van and coil that way so that next time you can plug into the van, uncoil then plug into the mains socket last.

Technical Matters Our van came with several very useful extras fitted: Roof mounted solar panel; this charges the two leisure batteries. Roof rack bars and ladder for additional carrying capacity. Reversing camera and sensors. In addition we have made the alterations below, please click on the thumbnails to display a larger image: Air assist controls Air assist bellow and brackets Air Assist Suspension — having increased our Revenue Weight see below , this had also significantly increased our payload and because we travel long haul and freedom camp, often we use pretty much all of it.

As a result of this our van drives quite low at the back, and because of uneven weight distribution due to water tanks and batteries, also a little lower on the offside. But the final decision to add air assist suspension was made when we scraped going on and off ferries. After much research, we chose AS Air Suspension for the job, and they provided an excellent service throughout. This is a market leading company near Chester who have specialised in bespoke systems since when they started importing the components from Holland.

Fitting took about 6 hours, we were talked through the whole job before they started and asked about the placement of components like the pump and controls, and best of all, we cold leave the van fully loaded while the work was done. The result is we can adjust the ride height of the rear of the van, both sides together or individually, and we can make slight adjustments when parked to level the van.

We can increase the height even more for manoeuvring on and off ferries to prevent grounding all from within the cab. One additional advantage is that the pump automatically fills the bellows to the same pressure, thus levelling the van when unevenly loaded individual pressures are achieved by releasing air from one side or the other.

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Know Your Width Our motorhome is 2. Looking at the right hand tape, it should align with the line at the edge of the road. The way around all of this? Get a refillable LPG system installed, or fit it yourself like we did , and refill the bottles at thousands of LPG stations across Europe. Even those off-gridders who never use campsite and never hook their van up to mains electricity often want access to the web.

Semloh ML25 Mains Extension Lead, 25 m All Lengths Caravan Camping Motorhome Hook Up Cable 16A Site Extension Lead Electric 16 AMP to 16 AMP (mm Y PVC Orange Flex) with FREE Cable Carrier Reel (25m) out of 5 stars £ s:

Farewell to Microsoft Autoroute – Discontinued in If you are familiar with our blog, you’ll know Microsoft Autoroute features heavily in our route planning and navigation. Last year I spent the best part of a day compiling and formatting a data set in Microsoft Excel for use with Autoroute. Over , lines of information were formatted as hyperlinks to take you direct to where the information was displayed online from several sources. It has been downloaded more than 10, times – so at least I know I’m not alone.

If you were one of them – please complete the poll at the bottom of this blog post and let me know if you’d download a version. However on the 31st December you will no longer be able to buy Microsoft Autoroute via the online Microsoft Store. It also seems that all of the CD copies have dried up too and so if you want it you need to act fast, buy online and once downloaded ensure you backup the installation files as I’m not sure you’ll be able to access them again.

The feedback and enthusiasm from our users have helped make Microsoft travel planning software a leading solution for nearly twenty years. The retirement of these products will not affect software already installed. If it was purely navigation you are after then I concede that there are better devices or software available to perform that task. However if you want to handle a lot of POI Point of Interest data from several sources in a single screen and have full control over those data sets there isn’t really a piece of software which can deliver this in the same way.

I’ve always said that a ‘Sat Nav’ is great at telling you where you are going – but not so great at telling you where you are in relation to points of interest and I don’t like the way in which high volume data is formatted and displayed on these devices. In addition, how many times has your TomTom or Garmin deviated you off a main road just to ‘cut off a corner’? Having a secondary map view means we have been able to avoid this.

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RV Details Rent now! Places to Eat in Las Vegas From cheap buffet fare to world class dining, Las Vegas has a restaurant for whatever you are feeling. Eat – serving breakfast classics with a modern twist.

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The right accessories can make all the difference to your motorhome experience however you like to travel. Latest Products Travelworld RV keeps up-to-date with the latest products available on the market whether the subject matter be satellite systems and solar panels to the latest awnings and interior blinds. Wide Range Of Accessories We have a comprehensive range of motorhome accessories available to purchase.

Our service team are also happy to fit and install any indoor or outdoor fixtures in the comfort of our service centre. Please contact our service team on to discuss your accessories enquiry. Awnings Fiamma awnings are available in a range of colours and sizes. They are made of the latest waterproof and durable material to weather all conditions which help uphold their status as one of the most popular motorhome accessory investments.

Bike Racks A complete range of Fiamma bike racks available for all your biking transportation needs. Bike racks which carry 4 cycles and racks designed for specific models, for example, Autotrail and Hymer motorhomes. Ladders Ladders are very popular accessories allowing owners easy and safe access to the roof of their motorhomes enabling them to clean the air conditioning unit or erect a satellite system.

Various styles and shapes are available. Solar panels We supply and fit a range of Roadpro solar panels allowing the modern sun-seeking motorhomer the ability to run all or some of their appliances off their eco solar-system.

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Enhanced antenna design combined with high gloss rounded dome provide for unmatched signal strength, especially in inclement weather. With an ultra-small footprint of just Generally, coverage is limited to the continental United States.

The Streetwize 25m Hook-up Extension Lead is perfect for connecting to generators, camping hook up points and for use where you need a power supply from up to 25 meters away.

Looking for a Jurgens Deluxe or folding caravan with hard sides. Contact for Price Published in: Can be re-located if need be. Designed by ArchitectIdeal for extra rental income or for your own leisure. This unique looking coffee trailer is up for sale. It has taken part in many events including events at Monte casino, air shows, super car rally’s and many more, serving fantastic coffee always getting heads turning where ever it stands.

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One would think that a truck that comes with a towing package would be all set to go. Not the case with mine and the dealer didn’t provide much information. Once again, a job well done with good pictures and good instructions. I was shocked it wasn’t hooked up from the factory either, especially considering I payed for the max trailering package.

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We went for many years without a water filter on our RV. Once in a while I would attach an inexpensive, sediment filter to our water hose but it seemed like such a bother. After all, I reasoned, the campgrounds were either on treated city water systems or their well water was tested periodically. Besides, I always look at, smell and taste the campground’s water before I hook up to it.

In over 35 years we’ve run across only three campgrounds whose water failed my look, smell and taste test. But Joe’s eyesight and sense of smell isn’t what it used to be. And no one has ever accused him of having good taste except for marrying me, of course.

OurTour Motorhome Essentials Packing List

Hi Mark, we live in Colorado and we are preparing our RV for storage. Any advice would be appreciated. The two most common causes for RV battery failure are undercharging and overcharging. Undercharging is a result of batteries being repeatedly discharged and not fully recharged between cycles. If a battery is not recharged the sulfate material that attaches to the discharged portions of the plates begins to harden into crystals.

Over time this sulfate cannot be converted back into active plate material and the battery is ruined.

Deep Cycle Batterys For Class A Motorhome Refurbishing My Car Battery Battery Skil 12v Nicd Lithium Battery Recyclers Charger Dead Battery gem golf cart battery hook up procedure There numerous basic to help take good care of your mobility scooter batteries .

Whereas the upstarts lithium-ion and lithium iron phosphate are becoming more ubiquitous as time passes. But which battery chemistry is better? We found ourselves with this very same question when assembling our RV solar system nine months ago. In the end though, we decided on lithium iron phosphate for a plethora of reasons. Because in the lithium vs lead acid battle, lithium utterly dominates lead acid.

Advantages of Lithium Weight Lithium weighs one third that of a comparably sized lead acid battery. A Ah usable capacity lead acid battery bank weighs over pounds!! Placing this much weight in your RV near the front — where it should be — can exceed the hitch weight limit of your towing vehicle.

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A complete tailor made electrical wiring kit for your camper conversion. Covers both 12V wiring looms and a V hook up with dual charging. Use V equipment even without hook up, up to W. Complete with clear, comprehensive, pictographic walkthrough instructions.

Fitted with a PCE 16 AMP 2P+E (3 Pin) V plug and your selection of a white 6 way trailing socket. We only use the highest quality components, these aren’t cheap imported hook up leads. Suitable for a wide range of uses including Caravan/Motorhome/Campervan hook up, catering trailer/van hook .

We all know that some RV driving days can turn into grueling jaunts. Skipping the time it takes to locate and hook up at a campground helps you get on the road bright and early the next day. Knowing where you can legally park your RV overnight. Whether you park in a state that clearly allows overnight parking at rest areas, or stay in one where no obvious rules are posted, being courteous is key to maintaining the privilege of overnight stays.

The debate about rest area stays Free overnight parking is one of the biggest gray areas for budget-minded RVers. Many people feel that RVers who participate in this practice are giving the entire community a bad name. As a result, RVer discussion forums are full of hot debates about the ethics and safety of free overnight parking. Retail store parking lots often make it clear about the legality of parking on their property. But what happens when there are no signs posted about overnight parking?

Which states allow overnight parking at rest areas? The only way to know for sure is to do your research. If you know of others please let us know and comment below.

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